THE 14th SOFIA MEETINGS AWARDS were announced at our closing gala supported by Wallonie Images Bruxelles, Embassy of Belgium in Bulgaria ans Solvay

And because hard work shall be rewarded, we shall not go without the Sofia Meetings Awards:

Nu Boyana Film Studios “The Danny Lerner Award’’ – Grand Prix for Best Project in the main sections goes to THE TENTMASTER’S DAUGHTER, United Kingdom, presented by Isabel Anderton (director) and Christine Hartland (producer)
The leading European studio will back up one of the projects with a prize of 50 000 Euro in services and 5000 Euro soft money during the production of the project.

LIDL Award for Best Bulgarian Project –  3 000 Leva in cash goes to JANUARY, Bulgaria, Andrey Paunov (director), Vanya Rainova (producer)

Focusfox Studio (Hungary) Award equal to 10 000 Euro in post production services goes to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, Israel, presented by Sharon Bar Ziv (director) and Marek Rozenbaum (producer)

EastWest Filmdistribution Award – script consultancy with Steven Goldsmith, an Irish-American script doctor and writer (equal of 5 000 Euro) goes to ONE AND A HALF PRINCE, Romania, presented by Ana Lungu (director), Raluca Paduraru (producer) and Bogdan Zarnoianu (assistant producer)

Young Producer Award – YAPIMLAB, Turkey, goes to DUST, Bulgaria, presented by Ralitsa Petrova (director), Poli Angelova (producer) and Slava Doycheva (co-producer)
YAPIMLAB will invite the producer for a week of project consultancy in Istanbul or Antalya, during International Antalya Film Festival, and offer network possibilities within Turkish industry (equal of 5 000 Euro).

Mediterranean Film Institute awards a scholarship to PLAGUE, Czech Republic, Jan Těšitel (director), Petra Oplatkova (producer) to participate in MFI Script 2 Film Workshops.

Producers Network (Cannes Market) will award two accreditations for Producers Network at Cannes Market 2017.

Crossroads will select and present one of the projects from Sofia Meetings.