Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to the presentation of OLFFI, with Ilan Girard, about funding possibilities.

OLFFI(.com) is the largest database on public funds and tax incentives for the development, production and postproduction of film and television, around the world.  Discover all the tools and information that have assembled to facilitate the financing of your film and television projects.

WHEN –16:20-16.50, Friday (17.03)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia Conference Hall, 2nd floor

In Partnership with Serpentine Film and TV Productions Sofia Meetings, would like to invite you to the seminar DEMYSTIFYING MUSIC RIGHTS & HOW TO SEE MUSIC AS AN OPPORTUNITY RATHER THAN A PROBLEM with Laurence Kaye, Laurence Kaye Consulting (UK) about music rights and how to see music as an opportunity rather than a problem.

The 'music in media' seminar focuses on the importance of scheduling and budgeting correctly for music, discusses the timing and ways in which to contract composers and/or sound designers, outlining the complex area of synchronisation rights, spelling out the differences between publishing and master recording licenses, focusing on the all important legal and rights isues which producers need to be aware of when licensing music. 

WHEN –16:20-17.50, Friday (17.03)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Serdica Hall 1, 1st floor

Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to the PRESENTATION OF OLFFI about Belgium film funding system, with Eric Franssen, Wallonie Bruxelles Images (Belgium) and Tatjana Kozar, Unmedia (Belgium). 

WHEN –11:30-12.15, Saturday (18.03)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Triaditza 1, 1st floor