European premiere of „The Barefoot Emperor“ opened 35th Warsaw Film Festival

The royal entourage presented Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens’ film also at the biggest and most prestigious Belgian film festival together with Geraldine Chaplin

The 35th edition of the Warsaw International Film Festival kicked off under the ovations of the Polish audience. The honor of opening the forum fell to „The Barefoot Emperor“ by the directors, screenwriters and producers Jessica Woodward and Peter Brosens, who follows the new adventures of Belgian King Nicholas as a continuation of the iconic comedy „King of the Belgians“, which won the nomination for European comedy of the year.

The film was presented in Warsaw by Jessica Woodworth, actors Peter van den Begin (in the role of King) and Lucy Debe, Bulgarian co-producer Mira Staleva, art director Sabina Hristova and part of the Bulgarian team.

Two days after the screening in Warsaw, „The Barefoot Emperor“ also had its Belgian premiere during the 46th edition of the largest Belgian festival in Ghent. The four leading actors - Peter Van den Begin, Bruno Jouris, Lucy Debe and Titus De Voogt - are well known and loved by the Belgian audience.

This time, the King's entourage was joined by world-class actress Geraldine Chaplin, who, like his father, Charlie Chaplin in „The Great Dictator“, played two roles in the movie. She received an honorary award in the name of Belgian scientist Joseph Plateau for her contribution to the art of cinema. The award was presented at a special ceremony in Ghent since 1985.

„The Barefoot Emperor“ is a production of Bo Films (Belgium) in co-production with Topkapi Films (Netherlands), Propeler Film (Croatia), Wajnbrosse Productions (Belgium) and Art Fest (Bulgaria) with the financial support of Bulgarian National Film Center, Eurimages and the national film funds of the co-producing countries. „The Barefoot Emperor“ was presented as project and works in progress at Sofia Meetings.

„The Barefoot Emperor“'s premiere in Bulgaria will be in the frames of 24th Sofia Film Fest in March 2020.

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