MIDPOINT Training Programme - Call for Submissions

Don`t miss the chance to be part of the training programme MIDPOINT!

The deadline is 7th of March, so be quick.

MIDPOINT TV Launch its professional workshop program which focuses on the development of ongoing, episodic, content-rich television series consisting of both half-hour (25-30 minutes) and one-hour (40-60 minutes) episodes, that can sustain multiple seasons.

Consisting of writers room workshops, individual consultations, case studies, and master classes, it focuses on helping creative teams with filmmaking backgrounds. MIDPOINT TV Launch consists of two residential workshops with an online consultation in-between.

MIDPOINT TV Launch helps participating projects move from an initial idea to a fully developed concept and includes the development of a dynamic, engaging pilot script and an effective selling document (series bible). It incorporates an advanced TV development methodology taught by an experienced group of both European and US experts, disseminating good practices to enable its participants to bring out the dramatic, and narrative potential, and the cultural significance of their projects. The goal is to create TV series with strong connections to the regional market from which they originate – series that speak to a national / regional audience but are also entertaining, well-written, and have strong audience appeal.

The program focuses on participants with a background primarily in filmmaking wanting to shift to quality television production, although not excluding participants with some experience in TV development, that come from Central-Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the wider Mediterranean area. Projects with a broadcaster or without a broadcaster involved are welcome. 

You can find further information at MIDPOINT TV`s webpage: