Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to VR HUB SOFIA MEETINGS screenings, lecture/discussion and project presentations with Momchil Alexiev on virtual reality:

Sofia Meetings and VR Lab BG have joined forces and curated a program dedicated to VR storytelling. The medium of virtual reality has the increasing potential to offer qualitatively new ways of involving the audience. We want to embrace these new ideas and in order to present a wider view on them we are offering you both practical experiences as well as theoretical and research content. Join us at our VR Film Hub screenings, lecture / discussion and project presentations! 

WHEN –14:30-18.30, Thursday (16.03)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Serdica Hall 1, 1st floor

VR CINEMA HERE AND NOW  lecture/discussion with Momchil Alexiev on virtual reality

Filmmaking and Virtual Reality? When cinema steps out of its domain and enters the territorries of VR, the relationship between these two separate terms sets forth a qualitatively new discussion.
Where do we draw the line between “guiding” and “orienting” the spectator? What do we mean by “immersiveness” and “development of cinematic ideas in space”? Where does this put the debate on spectatorship today? Join us in a lecture / discussion in which Momchil Alexiev brings together the practice and theory of filmmaking in VR and invites you to reframe the here and now of fiction storytelling.

WHEN –10:00 - 11:30, Saturday (18.03.)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Triaditza 1, 1st floor


WHEN –14:30 - 15:30 Saturday (18.03)

WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Serdica Hall 1, 1st floor

Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to the workshop HOW TO WRITE A PROJECT with Martin Kisselov 

If you want to know how to write and develop a film project and how to make it attractive, essential, dynamic and memorable, you have an opportunity to meet Martin Kisselov and learn from him!

WHEN –15:00 - 17:00, Thursday (16.03.)

WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Triaditza Hall 1, 1st floor

Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to the screening of BLANCANIEVES by Pablo Berger, Spain-France, 2011, 104' followed by MASTER CLASS with Alain Bainee (Production designer).

Alaine Bainée is one of the most respected production designers in the European film industry. He has worked with directors such as Pedro Almodóvar (“Kika”), Woody Allen (“Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”), Brad Anderson (“Transsiberian”)

WHEN –19:00 Friday (17.03)
WHERE – DNA SPACE (National Palace of Culture)

Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA NEW MOMENTS AND GOOD PRACTICES FROM OUR NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES with Kamen Balkanski Head CED MEDIA (Bulgaria), Krystyna Plohonova MIDPOINT (Czech Republic), Vladimir Stojcevski Head CED MEDIA (FYROM) and Martin Petrovic Head CED MEDIA (Croatia), Elias Demetriou MFI (Greece)

WHEN –11:30 - 13:00, Saturday (18.03.)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Serdica Hall 1, 1st floor

Sofia Meetings would like to invite you to WORLDWIDE FX BRINGING VISION TO LIFE (SINCE 2001) presentation with Danail "Dundee"Hadzhiyski 

WorldWide FX is the biggest visual effects studio in Eastern Europe. It is part of the Nu Boyana Film Studios Family. Nowadays the modern filmmakers rely more than ever on visual effects and Worldwide FX has devoted the last 15 years to bringing ambitious ideas to life. At the same time it continues to teach young talents and to introduce them to this rapidly growing industry.
Learn more about the studio's projects, its services and the career development opportunities it gives to young people and future VFX artists.

WHEN –15:30 - 16:00, Saturday (18.03.)
WHERE –Grand Hotel Sofia, Serdica Hall, 1st floor