At the 16th edition of SOFIA MEETINGS the following awards were handed out: 

The Award of CINELAB Romania was presented to the project NO LAND FOR ME (Israel), presented by Ram Nehari (director), Yifat Prestelnik (producer) and Yair Grinberg (scriptwriter). The Best Project Award will cover services in post-production lab services equal of 25,000 Euro. 

The FOCUSFOX Studio Award equal to 10,000 Euro in post-production services was presented to the project DECONSTRUCTION (Bulgaria), presented by Pavel G. Vesnakov (director) and Veselka Kiryakova (producer).

EastWest Filmdistribution Award – script consultancy with Steven Goldsmith, an Irish-American script doctor and writer (equal of 5,000 Euro), was presented to the project NAJVA (Turkey-Bulgaria-Canada), presented by Gozde Kural (director) and Uğur Can Gursozlu, Marcel Giroux, Dimitar Gotchev (producers).

Young Producer Award – YAPIMLAB Turkey invites one producer for a week of project consultancy in Istanbul or Antalya, during International Antalya Film Festival, and offers network possibilities within Turkish industry (equal of 5,000 Euro). This award was presented to the project INKWASH (Romania), presented by Sarra Tsorakidis (director) and Anca Puiu (producer).

VILLA KULT Residency Award includes coverage of travel and accommodation costs for a 5-day visit in Berlin and was presented to Bulgarian director Petar Krumov for the project WINDY DAYS ARE GOOD FOR FLYING (Bulgaria), producer Rositsa Valkanova.  

Producers Network (Cannes Market) will award two accreditations for Producers Network at Cannes Market 2019.

Crossroads will select and present one of the projects from Sofia Meetings.

FIRST FILMS FIRST goEast-Festival Award presented by Andrea Wink goes to Croatian project HUNNY-BUNNY (Croatia), presented by Igor Jelinović (director) and Rea Rajčić (producer).

Mediterranean Film Institute awarded with a scholarship the project INKWASH (Romania) – it will participate in MFI Script 2 Film Workshops. MFI presented another award to the project LUNA PARK (Albania) by director Florenc Papas and producer Dritan Huqi