Selected Projects


AMNESTY (Slovakia)
Jonas Karasek, Director
Peter Veverka, Nataša Ďuričová, Producers
The birth of Czechoslovak democracy in November 1989 was as complex as the uprising in the infamous Leopoldov high-security prison that followed. This is a world controlled by ŠtB the Secret State Police where dissidents communicate with secret messages and people report on their family members yet wish for freedom and revolt in the streets. The unlikely and reluctant hero is the prisoner of Leopoldov Drahosh Lupko. Surrounded by the cruel, selfish and manipulative people, he rises to the challenge and becomes the moral leader of the newly transformed Society.
Political Thriller AMNESTY is based on the novel by Radovan Dunaj Amnesty That Started The Inferno by Radovan Dunaj.

BEGGAR (Bulgaria)
Nadejda Koseva, Director
Vladimir Andreev, Producer
“Beggar” is a story about the fragile human hope that if you can’t ring the church bell, you can at least sound the chime. That’s what Yovo the Beggar (60), a former miner suffering from silicoses, does.

BUNKER (Slovakia)
György Kristóf, Director
Katarína Krnačova, Producer
A scifi dance thriller

DUO (Spain)
Meritxell Colell, Director
Belen Sanchez, Producer
Two choreographers travel across the northwest of Argentina in their last tour together. After 24 years sharing professional and personal universe, the trip opens a gap between them. The sense of their life begins to teeter.

Idan Haguel, Director
Saar Yogev, Producer
After surviving the earthquake in Nepal, 64 years old Yehudit Glick returns home to Israel - determined to rebuild her new life as a pensioner.

László Csuja, Anna Eszter Nemes, Directors
András Muhi, Producer
Edina (35) is a professional body builder lives with her boyfriend and coach Ádám (40).  They would sacrifice everything to win the Arnold Classic Championship but before the competition Edina falls in love with a strange man and that tragic love questions everything she believed in.


CRISEA IV (Romania)
Vladimir Dembinski, director
Tudor Giurgiu, producer
A 35 years old fisherman meets his high school sweetheart on an international cruise ship. He has three days to decide if he leaves with her this time.

JA SAM ANA (Italy)
Ado Hasanovic, Director
Massimo D'orzi, Producer
During the Yugoslav wars Ana, a young doctor, finds out that her father is a war criminal.

Andrey Gryazev, Director
Vlad Ketkovich, Producer
Olga, ex-sportswoman decides to radically change her life for the better and accepts a job as physical education teacher in the provinces. Upon arriving at the school, she learns that several senior students have recently committed suicide. Why? Who or what is driving this dark trend and is it over? Olga gets immersed in the mystery.

Václav Kadrnka, Director and Producer
The father falls into a coma and so the family is left in a terminal life situation. The mother and son silently concentrate all their powers. They meekly accept the diagnosis but resist the verdict. Yet they reject an open conflict because the life thread is so taut that conflict could inadvertently break it.

THE GOOD DRIVER (Bulgaria/Finland)
Tonislav Hristov, Director
Kaarle Aho, Producer
A man's journey to reunite with the family he abandoned years earlier teaches him lessons of humanity and compassion.

Sacha Amaral, Director
Tomás Cohen, Producer
After regaining her freedom and in the midst of a family crisis LEE is forced to reunite with her children and face her criminal and emotional past.

TO FLEE (Bulgaria, France)
Lubomir Bakchev, Director
Rossitsa Valkanova, Producer
Fleeing from his country at the time of the Iron Curtain, betrayed by his brother, imprisoned, harassed by criminal jailbirds and brutal wardens… it all just sharpens the eye of the young, merely 18 years old photographer Nikolai.

WOLF (Ireland)
Nathalie Biancheri, Director
Jessie Fisk, Producer
In a clinic for people who believe they are animals trapped in human bodies, a 17 year old tries to hide his true nature from the world.


AVANOS (Greece)
Panagiotis Charamis, Director
Konstantinos Baliotis, Producer
An ex-convict returns back to his hometown after 20 years in prison, only to realise that redemption is to be found through self-sacrifice.

DARKLING (Serbia/Bulgaria)
Dusan Milic, Director
Snezana Penev, Producer
A family living in post-war Kosovo, protected by KFOR on day time, experience a dreadful torment when night falls. They struggle to prove their fear is real, keep sanity and stay alive.

Vladimir Mitrevski, Director
Ognen Antov, Producer
A 53 year old asexual physics professor gets romantically involved with a 40 year old bisexual fashion designer who helps him find and define his love & sexuality.

Radivoje Andrić, Director
Maja Popovic, Producer
A seemingly boring vacation with two old ladies turns into a life changing experience for 11 year old Sofia as she kisses a boy, reunites with estranged family and faces mortality on an idyllic island in the Mediterranean.

ORANGE (Turkey)
Barış Kaya, Director
Bilal Bağcı, Producer
Mustafa and Yılmaz heads the road to search for a place to bury their father, whose corpse they've hid beneath the fresh oranges in the trunk. This road trip turns into a life journey of the family. Disagreement between brothers about who will be charged with the murders costs one of them with his life and the oranges spreads a curse to everyone touched them.

PATROL CARS (Bulgaria)
Stephan Komandarev, Director and Producer
Three teams of police officers patrol the streets of a society losing all sense.

JEWISH GIRL (Israel/Bulgaria)
Sharon Bar Ziv, Director
Borislav Chouchkov, Producer
Drama. Sofia, 1943. Christo, a Bulgarian bar owner risks his life to save a 16-year-old Jewish wounded girl who jumped of the train from Salonika to Auschwitz. At the same time, he starts an intimate relationship with the Jewish psychiatrist who treats his wife.

Mustafa Nuri, Director
Sezgi Üstün San, Özlem Özçelik, Producers
A marriage of 36 years. 2 kids, retirement... Everything was as it should be. Until an acquaintance, arriving years later, changed everything.

Münir Karataş, Director
Nurcan Güzel, Producer
The cross-story of a 15-year-old nomadic peasant who inflates boats on the beach for refugees and a French woman who is an award-winning journalist.  As the child pursues money, the woman is in the process of shooting a new documentary that she can get a prize. A different outlook from the other coast on the plight of refugees…

Marcin Bortkiwcz, Director
Sebastian Petryk, Producer
There are dozens of films about central characters struggling with adversity... and with failure. This film tells the story of a person who has to face up to Nobel Prize.

THIS IS AWFUL (Bulgaria)
Lyubomir Penchev, Director
Antony Davidov, Producer
The poorest football team in Europe with the weakest football players and the most lunatic fans just hired the worst manager. What are the odds to win against the champions?

YARUSHKA (Bulgaria)
Valentin Ganev, Director
Ivan Spasov, Gabriel Georgiev, Producers
A vital girl, talented young violinist becomes the center of a retro whirlpool of love, jealousy, death and hope in a drama with a happy end.