What AV Industry can learn from the Gaming


What AV Industry can learn from the Gaming

A talk with Martin Kadinov & Momchil Alexiev

22.03 / 5:00 PM CET

How does the economy of gaming intertwine with the modules of filmmaking? What are the dynamics and possibilities that shape the discussion on interactive storytelling today? Join us for an intriguing talk on the here and now of creative thinking with game industry expert Martin Kadinov and filmmaker Momchil Alexiev.

Martin Kadinov

Co-Founder and managing partner - TDB Play
Martin’s fascination with video starts in early childhood, and his journey in the world of esports kicks off as a professional gamer in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos where he ranks among the top players globally (2003-2004)
In 2003, Martin switched his role by starting his own company in Bulgaria, where he ran the local franchise for ESL, organized events and helped brands communicate to gaming audiences. Martin was a co-founder and later on the chairman of the Bulgarian Federation for esports, helping Bulgaria to be among the first countries globally to officially ratify esports as a sport. 

In 2014 Martin joined ESL’s team as a regional manager for Southeast Europe, starting as a one-man-show, which later expanded into a 10 person team with an office located in Sofia, Bulgaria. At this position Martin grew ESL’s presence in the region, developed local business opportunities and led a team of hand-picked experts plugged into ESL’s European and Global products. 

In 2020 Martin co-founded TDB Play, a company focused on building a robust portfolio of own & operated brands in the field of gaming and esports and providing high-quality services to partners and clients. 
An avid fan of Dota 2 and Starcraft II. 

Momchil Alexiev is a graduate from La Sapienza University in Rome and The Netherlands Film Academy. Over the past 14 years he works as a filmmaker and theatre scenographer. His artistic research as founder of Actifilm studio is focused on establishing new organic connections between performance, cinematic space and video projections. His recent work is a continuation of this process. In it he questions the notion of spectatorship in the context of virtual reality and immersive media. His 360 degree films have been shown at numerous festivals like VR Days and SIFF. Momchil is founder of the first Bulgarian VR meetup VR Lab BG and a Sundance Institute alumni. The focus of his projects is to raise a discussion on the changing conditions of film spectatorship and introduce the idea of immersiveness as a tool for storytelling.

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