Sofia Meetings Awards

CineLab Romania will provide post-production lab services in the amount of 25,000 Euros.

Focusfox Studio Award in the amount of 10,000 Euros in post-production services.

Gruvi will award two of the selected projects. The media and insights agency with give 2 prizes worth 5,000 Euros each to be spent on marketing Ad technology, including audience analysis, landing page design, real-time tracking, a GDS report and advanced media planning to reach and approach audiences.

EastWest Filmdistribution Award – script consultancy with Steven Goldsmith, an Irish-American script doctor and writer ( in the amount of 5,000 Euros).

Young Producer Award – YAPIMLAB will invite one producer for a week of project consultancy in Istanbul or Antalya, during International Antalya Film Festival, and offer network possibilities within the Turkish industry (equal to 5,000 Euros).

Producers Network (Cannes Market) will award accreditation for Producers Network at Cannes Market 2023.

Crossroads/Agora will select and present one of the projects from Sofia Meetings.

Mediterranean Film Institute will award a scholarship to one of the projects from Sofia Meetings to participate in MFI Script 2 Film Workshops.